“Tell the Truth, Stop the Insults,” Suspended Gorrgi Mboob Tell Gambians, Denies Hitting Ebrima Sanneh on His Private Part

Temporarily placed on leave, Gorrgi Mboob has asked Gambians to tell the truth and desist from hurling invective with just a side of the story told.

Furor hovered over the weekend after a certain Ebrima Sanneh detained by the Anti-Crime Unit -a sub unit of the police fighting off crimes -claimed he was tortured.

It comes after the Unit’s patrol team got a tip-off of a fight breaking out at Ice Lounge leading to the arrest of at least thirty people.

In Sanneh’s version of events, he and fellow detainees, initially hurled in one cell, were asked to weed out grass at the police Unit’s headquarters in Bijilo before he mistakenly “fell a corn plant”, spurring an exasperated Gorrgi Mboob into administering a punch in his face then snatching the hoe off his grip and smacking him around the private part.

I was semi-conscious and left on the field like that in pain for what felt like over 40 to 50 mins without any medical attention. When I got up to urinate, I was in a lot of pain urinating abnormally and discharged what looked like blood. I was then sent back to the cells for further detention,” Sanneh said in his statement to the public, revealing the embattled Gorrgi offered his apologies.

However, Gorrgi this week came out fighting off the allegations that have put his future at the department on a thin thread as probing begins into the saga.

In the police chief’s narration, Sanneh went to TSU to lodge a torture complaint prior to being taken to hospital where doctors claimed to have seen no traces of blood in the victim’s urine sample.

“Then doctors asked he go along with us (Anti-Crime) which he refused insisting he has already lodged a complaint against us claiming torture to which the doctor said then he can’t be released because he needs to be watched over plus his condition.

Photo credit Kerrfatou: Ebrima lying on his bed

“They couldn’t pay for the test so they were asked to pay D1000 which we later refunded them. I have been receiving phone calls from Gambians insulting me, calling me the “General Badjie of Barrow” or “Barrow’s stooge”. Some insulted my mum. Gambians should desist from judging based on a single side of a story and learn to tell the truth,” Gorr told National People Party’s TV, a pro-government platform.

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