“In Two Years, My House Was Broken Into Three Times,” Fatou Touray Reveals

Fatou Touray today revealed she has been a victim of crimes in the space of two years.

Crime rates have been on the surge since the leapfrogging of Jammeh’s military flavoured government in 2016.

The soaring acts of criminality is strongly attributed to the loosening of firm security grip due to the change of government.

And Fatou Touray divulged her residence has been broken into on three different occasions in under twenty-four months.

The TV personality made the revelation when her discussion with Gambia’s Police boss Mamour Jobe turned to the crime rates in the country.

Photo: Fatou Touray

As Jobe told of how he was extolled as a “lucky IGP” at his presentation of a paper relating to crime at an African Police chiefs’ meeting, Fatou interjected: ” Did you give the accurate report? because I know we have worked with (police) PRO on several occasions and we have so many instances. I am a victim myself. In two years, my house was broken into three times.”

A former marketing manager of Gamtel, Fatou Touray is the CEO of KerrFatou.

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