14 Days Since His Suspension over Torture -Commission Still to Finalise Investigation on Gorrgi Mboob

Suspension of police unit chief Gorrgi Mboob was a dampener to the cherry coming just a month after he and 108 others were decorated.

Mboob was to be showered with the rank of a deputy commissioner of police taking effect February 1st this year. And then about 58 days later, the elevation was soured after the Anti-crime boss mired got in torture allegations yet again.

Before this he had faced Gambians via a televised truth commission confessing to telling a cook and bull story in an attempt at a cover-up of violations meted out on a school principal on the back of a student protest over the repressive government of Yaya Jammeh. This crime was committed decades ago.

This televised hearing occurred September last year a month before Gorr’s heavily chastised police unit were caught up in a web of a death through torture relating to a Gambia-based Sierra Leonean market vendor.

Those within the embattled chief’s circle lavish him for curtailing the surge of criminality around the KMC area but the stains of violations he continue to be accused of has rendered his career battered and off to the cleaners.

Last month, he again greeted tabloids across the nation for one popular line -crime against a youth.

The accuser this time is Ebrime Sanneh -one of thirty or so other mates of his – arrested in the wee hours of July 26th after a police tip off a fight breaking out at Ice Lounge, Senegambia.

In the narration of Sanneh, he and other detainees were hurled in a single cell before being spread out to weed at the anti-crime’s Bijilo headquarters.

In detailed run down of what allegedly transpired, Sanneh claim he was administered a punch in the face and smacked with a hoe on his private part for felling a plant prompting his hospitalisation -charges the under-fire Mboob rebut.

A commission has been enacted tasked to probe the saga that caused police to down their word of denying the accuser’s narration and place Mboob on indefinite leave.

It’s fourteen days since start of the investigation with the probing body still to reveal their finding.

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