Hearing Continues Today as Murder Suspect Yankuba Fights off Allegations of Killing Koro Ceesay

Yankuba Touray’s will continue his fighting of allegations fingering him as the killer of Koro Ceesay today.

An erstwhile, military man and junta member from 1994’s coup, Touray is one of those named as a culprit in the murder of Koro, Gambia’s then minister of finance.

The former cabinet member was purportedly killed on the orders of Edward Singhatey supported by Yankuba and his own residence.

It followed revelations by self-confessed killer Alagie Kanyi during his TRRC testimony.

Yankuba’s partner Mami Minteh was narrating her version of events as the court got told of the military man’s whereabouts in the run up to leaving his home on a day ex-president Yaya Jammeh left for Ethiopia on an official mission.

The hearing continues today at 2pm.

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