“Hot Drinks, Teas Lemon, Ginger,” Woman Reveals Secret to Overcoming Coronavirus

A woman based in The Gambia has revealed her secret to beating coronavirus after initially getting infected.

Yasameen Fields first complained of headache and showing symptoms akin to the sweeping coronavirus.

Her followers grew worried amid suggestions she considers isolating after revealing she has lost her sense of smell and taste -another known symptoms of the covid-19.

Taking a giant step to isolate, she gave frequent updates of how she has been faring as friends offered solidarity furing the torrid moments.

However, about days later, she revealed today she has recovered , offering secrets of what she used to beat the covid.

Her recuperation comes as a huge sigh of relief during moments the nation has been rocked hugely with deaths soaring in the thirties.

Below is rundown of her secret for the covid.

“1 . heat

2 , hot drinks teas lemon ginger garlic mint honey and onion . 3.Anti inflammatory medication

4. Antibiotics

5. Paracetamol

6. Vit c dilution

7. Keep warm

8 . Fruit high in vitamin c but monitor of you will get acid reflux even ulcer or vomit.Rest rest rest …. isolate but have someone available to call.

8. Hot baths or shower

9. Steam inhaler (anyone can borrow mine).

10 Eucalyptus or vapor rub on chest head and feet . It exhausting even feeling better I’m swamped with fatigue . Pray and definitely choose a attitude that u can and will get through it.

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