“I Have No Symptoms At All,” Reveals Madi Jobarteh after Number One Barrow Critic Contracted Coronavirus

Madi Jobarteh confirms he is not showing any signs but reveals he has contracted the pandemic.

This follows after it emerged Gambia’s is latest African country with most infection rate of recent.

And divulging to his followers, staunch president Barrow critic Madi Jobarteh says he has contracted the virus as he begin his quarantine period.

I’ve just tested positive for COVID 19. I am under self quarantine and seeking your best wishes! I have no symptoms at all! I am taking all necessary medication. Stay home. Wear masks. Sanitize! We shall conquer COVID 19,” he said.

Gambia is battling a surge in the pandemic with over a thousand active cases running with recoveries pegged around little over four hundred.

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