JUST IN! Gambian Women Trapped in Lebanon Permitted to Return Home

Gambian women trapped in Lebanon have finally gotten their papers permitting them to fly into The Gambia.

A total 38 women including children got stranded in Beirut after being trafficked there.

Their calls for government’s intervention to ensure their repatriation appeared to have fallen on deaf ears until philanthropist Lovette Jallow offered to pay for their return.

Appearing to see the Sweden-based Gambian’s gesture an embarrassment on their part, the Barrow government first allegedly turned down the offer instead volunteering to pay for the ladies’ return, a move most perceive as safe face attempt.

A stand-off ensued just about days after the stranded women stormed the Gambian consulate in severe protest vandalizing properties there.

However, the wait is now over if Lovette Jallow’s comments are any to go by.

Photo: Lovette Jallow

“It looks like the Gambian government is working with me on this matter now. Every single ladies this morning went to the consulate in Lebanon to sign their papers that they do not want the help of the Gambia government.

“So today, 26 received theirs and our lawyer have checked every single paper, everything is good. Tomorrow morning we will get ten more papers. A total of 38 persons are coming home including another Gambian girl whose family called to say she is sick and we include her as well,” Lovette reveal today.

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