“I’m Truly Inspired,” Says Mai Fatty as He Lauds Brave Lovette for Funding Return of Gambians Trapped In Lebanon

Opposition outfit Gambia Moral Congress’ top dog Mai Ahmed Fatty is all praises for Lovette’s this week’s act of bravery.

The Sweden-based philanthropist the past days hugged the front pages for helping ensure return of Gambian women and children trapped in Beirut.

A Western Asian side, Lebanon have become, in recent times, hotspot for people smugglers some of them Gambians.

The ladies, according reports, were flown there on the promise of jobs but ended up getting stranded and into forced labour.

Barrow’s government were approached over repatriating the women but purportedly dragged their feet sparking a protest at Gambia’s consulate leading to wrecking of properties at the building.

And aware of their plight, Lovette offered to fund return of the women – a decision Gambia’s foreign affairs ministry rebuffed prompting public anger before they reneged from that posturing to accept Jallow’s offer.

Photo: The girls trapped in Beirut

Tickets for their return have now been booked and arrival imminent. And on the heels of this brave gesture, Lovette, a lecturer and model, came on the receiving end of adulation coming from Mai Fatty.

“This phenomenal lady, with the support of her NGO and partners, is finally bringing home 38 distressed Gambian girls, women and children from Lebanon, at a cost of over three million dalasi. I am truly inspired by her enormous sense of empathy and compassion. I am very hopeful about our Nation’s future.

“Lovette represents the “New Gambian” needed to actualize the “New Gambia” aspiration. We are proud of your significant humanitarian accomplishments and rare commitment to human welfare. Thank you very much Lovette. God Bless the Republic of The Gambia,” the GMC leader said on his social media platform.

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