“Its Sight And the Way It Is Operated Gave Me the Shock of My Life,”

TRRC’s Baba Galleh Jallow has voiced shock at what he was told was Gambia’s sole publicly owned x-ray machine.

His comment, delivered yesterday, piles further weight of pressure on the Banjul-based hospital which came under torrents of derides after its staff got fingered of negligence over the demise of a young mother.

Telling of how a guard stationed at the hospital gates treated him with hostility, the lecturer said he was left baffled by what he saw there.

“The small building housing the unit looks more like an old dilapidated chapel from the 1960s than a space for performing x-rays in 2020. Just outside on either side of its door were too long wooden benches packed with patients, most of them women. I noticed that one of the waiting women was repeatedly crying “woi” and obviously suffering from great pain,” he wrote.

He continued: “When I asked if there weren’t any other x-ray machines, someone said that machine was in fact Gambia’s only publicly-owned x-ray machine in the entire country! Its sight and the way it is operated gave me the shock of my life and said to me, you must write to your Mother Gambia about this x-ray machine, and tell her what you saw!”

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