“Some Journalists You Wonder Which Party They Belong To,” Says Barrow as Gambian Leader Takes Aim at Press

Barrow tonight launched a swipe at Gambia’s press questioning credentials of some journalists.

The Mankamang Kunda-born received rave reviews at onset of his reign but has found himself on receiving end of detractors, amid flurry of onslaughts at his government from journalists.

Fatu Network’s F. Camara and Pa Modou Bojang are Barrow’s staunchest critics on social media and while the statesman failed short of mentioning names, the duo’s antics to the Banjul administration has been obvious.

And throwing a light dig, Barrow claims some journalists “hold brief” for politicians but wasn’t specific in his venture.

Singling out EyeAfricaTV as one of “neutral” media outlets in the press family, Barrow said: “Some journalists you wonder which party they belong to. You wonder which politician they’r holding brief for but I applaud EyeAfrica TV. They’re one of the most neutral out there.”

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