“No Human Deserves to be Treated Like this No Matter What Difference You Have with Them,”

Fatu Camara has hit-back at the figures behind a purported leaked pictures of her.

A picture believed to be the journalist’s surfaced online sparking controversy amid suggestions they’re her leaked nudes.

However, she had debunked the assertions labelling those behind the act as “cowards”, insisting it was doctored.

Comments have been streaming in, in sheer show of solidarity with the troubled Fatu Network owner.

She took to her timeline today to comment about the issue, stating no human deserve going through ordeal of such make-up.

“I want to thank the young man who doesn’t even know me but took it upon himself to search for the website where the photo was picked from and sent to me. I say thank you so much to him.To the cowards behind this act: I hope I will be your last victim.

” First, no human being deserves to be treated like this no matter what difference you have with them. Secondly, you are helping in destroying your own society by perpetuating a behavior that costs lives of innocent victims – and who knows, a victim that may one day be your own. I hope you reflect on that,” she said.

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