“My Government Rejects Discrimination, and It’s a Government for all Gambians,” Barrow Brags

President Barrow today wore his bragging cap after overseeing inauguration of a rural electricity project.

The incumbent who’s seeking reelection for a second term has seen signing and implementation of some projects with the one executed in Kiang the latest of an array of works he claims to have in his pipeline.

Intriguing, is these projects are coming tick and fast just months away from the presidential polls which promises to be a thriller with more parties filling up the political space of the country.

Barrow made most of the meeting to score points.

“This historic event, held in the heart of Kiang, is to inaugurate another significant project that targets underserved communities in the country. It is a confirmation of my government’s sincerity to its promise of change, and its devotion to developing the entire Gambian nation through the National Development Plan (NDP) we developed together,” he said at the meeting amid applause from spectators.

He added: “The occasion is one of a series of similar events signifying that, without doubt, my Government rejects discrimination, and it is a government for all Gambians, all regions, all districts and all communities.”

Photo source: State House of The Gambia

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