“How Can We Wash Our Hands If There’s No Water,” Gambians Question Barrow as 5 New Coronavirus Cases Emerge

Worry hovers this minute as majority Gambians questioning president Barrow over water issue.

Gambia have registered a total five new cases of the covid-19 just about days after it was announced no new cases exist.

The trajectory have left dozens worried and in the face of government declaration of a state of emergency.

However, Gambians have been posing questions to Barrow asking his leadership sort out the water crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“How can we wash our hands if you don’t get running water for days Mr. president?,” Lamin Kanteh said to which Yamsoda Lweis responded to the stay at home tag: ” If we stay at home who pays for our rents, water & electricity bills with food or wages? “

Biran Sey said: ” My area are using well as daily needed water for both activities they need to do with water and we still have a minister right in the cabinet who is from that same area that why sometime I wonder if something is wrong in our cabinet.”

Lamin Kaddy Bojangm ventured: ” Mr president I have one peace of advice for you. I know all what you are working now is for the next elections. If you want to win the next election change your way of ruling this country. 
1. If Stay at home what are we going to eat?
2 You said reduce the passengers of the vehicles to half, did you provide transportation for your people or did you reduce the price of fuel?
3 Restaurant and shops are closed how are they going get source of income to survive?
4 where are the billions because now is more than millions of dalssis given to the country to fund a population of less than two millions are still crying of poverty , what are you doing Mr President?” 

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