“Come and Face the TRRC,” Gambians Tell General Who Is In Exile with Jammeh

Gambians have been reacting with fury to an online video of exiled army general Saul Badgie.

A twelve-minute footage, Saul could be seen first performing ablution then praying before endeavouring to repudiate viral claims he was part of the December 30th attack launched on Gambia’s presidential villa aimed at unseating Jammeh.

Badgie was accused of stealing Jammeh’s pant and handing it over to the coalition for diabolical undertaking including carting away with millions from Gambia’s Central Bank.

Appearing disturbed by the remarks, Saul who’s currently in Equatorial Guinea with Jammeh in exile since January 2017, volunteered to debunk the assertions.

“If ever I have ventured into anything that was against Jammeh, may Allah do what he feels is best with me,” he said.

Gambians have been reacting in frenzy to the General’s rebutting move.

” My brother tell him to come an face the TRRC if he want Gambians to forgive him, Essa Faal is waiting,” Ibn Matarr said.

Photo: General Badgie

Another Gambian by the name Sam Ceesay said: ” In my side, Saul Badjie is falling out with dictator Jammeh. Look at his face his body language. Dictator Jammeh is giving him tough time that Saul Badjie wants to take over him. Now Saul came to confirm that to Jammeh by holding the Quran saying all these words. SAul come home and face TRRC.”

” General I personally will not dwell into any justification concerning you, but check yourself properly and analyze! The powerful General, is now sheltered in one single room… That doesn’t even belong to you! And I believed this will be an eye opener for our brothers in uniform… Well we are not here to be moral judges, but you judge yourself,” Bakary Gassama chipping in, said.

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