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Mai Fatty Condemns Viral Audio against Gambia’s Mandinka Tribe

Mai Fatty has spoken against a recent viral audio making the rounds aiming an attack on Gambia’s Mandinka tribe.

Content of the audio which Gambia News has chosen not to feature, drew the ire of a lot of people and Mai is the latest prominent figure to talk on the issue.

Calling it “vile” and figures behind it as belonging to the “dregs of society”, the erstwhile Interior minister also urged for the content be investigated.

“I strongly condemn the vile audio making the rounds that seeks to promote tribal bigotry and hostility in our country against Mandinkas,” he said.

This is the latest audio to generate a furious reaction about a week after another surfaced hinting of a coup plot against Barrow’s leadership, prompting government’s reaction in a statement.

“The secret to our gargantuan success in peaceful co-existence is our age old homogeneity and diversity, and we must preserve this at all cost. The author of that shameful audio belongs to the ignominious dregs of society. An attack against any ethnicity is an attack against all. I urge law enforcement agencies to effectively stem the flow of such a dastardly phenomenon, including those actively advancing ethnic tension and division,” Mai said.

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