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Accused of Spewing False Information, Activist Madi Trends ahead of Possible Court Debut Tomorrow

Madi Jobarteh has turned a social media sensation as solidarity stream in for the embattled social commentator.

A renowned voice, Jobarteh got laced in trouble last week following a ruin-in with police.

Madi was summoned to Gambia’s police department -situated in the West African nation’s administrative capital – over comments dubbed inflammatory.

It followed his leading of a Black Lives Matters march recently protesting the death of George Floyd in the wake of increasing police brutality in the United States.

Madi’s moment of perceived trouble comes on the heels of remarks he made regarding recent deaths, consequently drawing ire of the government prompting his invitation to the police where he was arrested.

He has since secured bail pending his return to police house as a possible court action bubbles tomorrow.

And hours before this, there is booming solidarity on social media as Gambians and friends of the self-styled human rights defender post videos mimicking Madi’s comments in efforts to sway the case from going any further.

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