“Yaya Jammeh Rubbed “Aids Cure” on My Private Parts,” Says Female HIV Patient

An investigating commission today heard how Yaya Jammeh rubbed his purported aids cure on the privates of a female patient.

Erstwhile leader of the nation now based in Equatorial Guinea on exile, Jammeh earned notoriety for his famous claim of discovering remedy for HIV/Aids.

The 55-year-old then statesman even employed the services of the revered doctor Mbowe going to extent of staging tests in Senegal in desperate efforts to legitimise his claims amid doubts.

Jammeh summoned aid patients and had them assembled at his villa home in Kanilai where he began his treatment on them using herbs, concoction water and fruits.

Viral loads were also counted and patients claimed to have “felt better” at height of the bogus cure in 2007.

And telling of what happened, Fatou M Jatta, an Aids patient and activist, revealed of torments she endured including filling a bucket and empty water bottle with vomit in allergic reaction after drinking Jammeh’s liquid cure.

Photo: Fatou M. Jatta

Recounting also how she was called into a room fitted with cameras and was asked to undress using a singlet as cover, she said she felt uneasy.

“I was then asked to lie on the stretcher face down. Jammeh was carrying a bottle of his cure and began rubbing it on my body along with a certain Cuban doctor. He rubbed it on my private parts and every part of me,” she said, disclosing she got diagnosed with the disease in 1995.

She continued: “I began feeling unconscious. Then Jammeh scooped from a bucket liquid and gave me to drink. I then I was made to lie down on a mat. That is start of my problems.”

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