Reopening Old Wounds: Mai Fatty Attacks UDP

Mai Fatty appears to be licking old wounds after launching a swipe at the Yellows’ formation accusing UDP of failing to honour agreement it had with GMC.

In a marathon deliberation of his side of a sure controversial background story- a write up most political pundits label as “face-boxing” -Mai blamed UDP, attacking the 24-year-old party of not respecting laid down dictates.

Deciphering into the aftermath of the 2016 elections that shoved Yaya Jammeh aside and installed Barrow as leader up until time of the parliamentary polls, the trained lawyer argues GMC didn’t feel “justly treated” by the Tactical Alliance.

The idea of contesting parliamentary elections as a Coalition was discussed for the first time at a meeting presided over by then President-elect Barrow at Kairaba Hotel. The Coalition Executive debated exhaustively but remained divided. Two contentions were debated: going as a Coalition would weaken political parties, and two, going as a Coalition is consistent with the coalition spirit,” he said.

Explaining how the meeting ended in a stand-off leading GMC, UDP and NRP into forming a “Tactical Alliance” in a last-gasp attempt at scooping the parliamentary polls, Mai claim UDP appeared reluctant to heed to the agreed rules , saying “UDP was willing to spare only one constituency for GMC.”

He continued: “For instance in Wuli East, UDP URR Chapter, led by former Chair Bubu Drammeh, openly endorsed, supported and campaigned for an Independent candidate against a GMC candidate, a supposedly Tactical Alliance partner.”

Revealing he had to send a delegation aimed at convincing UDP to soften its stance, the GMC leader said they were left with no choice but contest against their tactical alliance partners at Niamina West, Tumana, Kantora, Jokadu and Lower Niumi.

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